I want to congratulate The Spitz for their excellent work in Islington - you are proof that culture can benefit us all

        Sadiq Khan - Mayor of London 

"This work is wonderful for residents and staff.  

It brings people together as one. No-one wants to live in a nursing home but Spitz 

visits make everyone feel joy and humour. It is also an excellent way to engage withdrawn patients" 

        Fatma Makalo - Manager of Bridgeside Lodge Care Home

"I’d heard about John’s guitar lessons and seen some photos but now I’m seeing it in person. He’s joining in, he’s smiling. When I began working with him, he was incredibly anxious and would hardly ever leave his room or when he did, would do so for very short periods of time before wanting to go back.

He’s unrecognisable, you’ve done wonders.

       Mark Turner - 

Camden Adult Social Care

“I feel Dad comes home so happy

and relaxed after these sessions. It’s definitely helping his memory because I can ask him things and he remembers.”

– daughter of Grange Day Care Centre participant with Alzheimer’s disease

"We’re getting so many people with seriously complex needs.

The 1-to-1 sessions are really the way forward, but it needs a lot of help. There are so many different interests here, so many different cultures. It is a minefield of things to be taken into consideration. When I first started 10 years ago, it was all about group sessions now the 1-to-1s are becoming more and more important." 


Beverley Giannotti -

Bridgeside Lodge Activities Co-ordinator

‘Bowed but not beaten’

Time Out magazine


“You’ve lifted my spirits up tremendously.”
– Day centre participant

“The music was fantastic, it brought everything back to my heart…

I live alone you see… thank you for bringing the music to us.”
– Participant from The Haven Day Centre

“One day I will be elderly and this makes me see that life could be beautiful.”
– Observer of a Spitz public event in 

Wood Green

“Beyond our expectations; clients sang their hearts out, even those who don’t usually dance had an opportunity to enjoy themselves in the mix of beautiful music being played.”
– Macqueen Njoku, Haynes Day Centre Deputy Manager

“…that man used to dance a lot, then he stopped.

Now with the music, it took a split second and he’s dancing again” 

Senior Manager, 

The Haven

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