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payroll giving

The most tax-efficient and convenient way to donate to charity, where your donation comes straight out of your gross salary.

Over £130 million is donated to good causes in this way in the UK every year


How it works

Payroll Giving is a way of donating to The Spitz directly from your salary before your income tax is deducted. If you decide to give £10 a month for example, it will only cost you £8 if you pay tax at the basic rate (even less if you pay higher rate tax.)

Payroll giving explainer.png

Your employer will use a Payroll Giving Agency (PGA) which collects the donations and sends them on to The Spitz.

To donate through Payroll Giving, ask your employer about their Payroll Giving scheme. 

More info on Payroll Giving can be found on the HMRC website here and a list of approved PGAs here

A £10 donation via Payroll Giving will cost you less than donating by other methods.

For employees

  • Easy and convenient

    • your donation comes straight out of your gross pay 

  • Tax-effective

    • it costs you less to give because you won't have already paid tax on the money you're donating.

  • Secure 

    • You can donate without giving your bank details and you can choose how you want to be contacted.

For employers

  • Boosts your Corporate Social Responsibility profile and public image but supporting a good cause.

  • Simple to set up and run

  • No cost to set up. The employer may choose to cover the PGA's admin fee otherwise the PGA will deduct it from donations

  • Recognition via Quality Mark Awards

  • Improves staff morale and motivation

For The Spitz

  • Less admin - Traditional donations are wonderful and hugely appreciated but we need to claim Gift Aid in order to get the tax back from HMRC. With payroll giving, because donations are made before tax, we don’t have to do this. Reducing the admin for us means we have more time to focus on our work.

  • Donations could be doubled if the employer offers a donation matching scheme

  • Being able to reply on regular donations through payroll giving means we can plan and forecast our incoming funds much better.

  • Establishing partnerships with companies and firms will help to increase our reach and ensure our future

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