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A beautiful thing to do...

Musicians: Marcus Bonfanti, Laurence Corns (both guitar & vocals)

Having been mostly absent for the past few days, the sun shone for us during today’s session, bringing with it relief, smiles and ice-creams. Today’s musicians were Marcus Bonfanti and Laurence Corns, both on guitar and vocals, and taking it in turns to sing songs from a fast-paced Hound Dog for D, to a Scottish ballad requested by I who was representing her country in an emerald green two-piece emblazoned with Scottie dogs. Marcus sang the request in beautiful bass tones.

The two Js were up the front with guitar and bongos respectively; they have both grown in confidence so much with each Spitz visit, and today were taking solos and bowing to applause. J didn’t want to stop drumming and happily had his suncream applied by a member of BSL staff whilst still playing! The Js interacted with each other and other people through movement and music, joining us all together.

S who has Down's Syndrome can easily get distressed, but during today’s session she sat relaxed in her chair, clapping at the end of every song. She happily made eye contact with J on the bongos who further encouraged her to enjoy the music in an easy way.

Resident M was subtly animated in her wheelchair, clearly enjoying the combination of music and warmer weather. She moved her feet and fingers along to the songs, remaining focussed on the music for the 2-hour session.

Resident C used to be a musician, and although unable to communicate verbally, he sat back, closed his eyes and visibly relaxed listening to today’s session. He looked blissful.

Manager Fatma spoke to us quietly about suffering with long covid: the tiredness and aches it brings, though she continues to work on the front line daily, leading her team of kind and courageous souls. It was good to hear she has a well-deserved holiday planned next month, though it will be a staycation as the thought of staying in hotels makes her nervous now. The psychological effects of covid are unmeasurable.

It isn’t just healing for the residents, but for the staff of BSL and The Spitz too. During the break, musician Marcus Bonfanti said:

“This is a beautiful thing to do, it’s lifted me up today”

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