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A Beethoven symphony? No problem...

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

AM: Thom Rowlands (guitar)

PM: Ben Hazleton (double bass & voice) Alice Zawadzki (violin & voice)

There is always a slightly different atmosphere when we visit Bridgeside Lodge at the weekend. Things tend to be a bit quieter, with fewer staff and not as many people coming and going. It's important to remember however that the residents are here 365 days a year, as is the isolation that our work aims to combat.

On Saturday 6th, Thom played guitar in the morning for residents. One of the carers invited Thom to play for resident S in her room. We've known S for several years, and over that time we've sadly witnessed her deterioration from someone who would walk the corridors, often peeking in at the window of our office and sometimes even joining us for meetings, to someone who rarely leaves her room and has difficulty communicating.

Thom also played for resident G, a big Beethoven fan. When Ben and Alice arrived for the afternoon session, they discussed playing more Beethoven for her. The video below shows them trying out some ideas before touring the halls.

The ability of Spitz musicians to react so quickly and to make wonderful things happen with so little preparation never ceases to amaze us. Enjoy this behind-the scenes-clip...

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