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A humbling experience

Musicians: Pete Lee (piano) Kat Eaton (vocals)

While Nat, Barney and Thom were spreading The Spitz wings at St Pancras Hospital, pianist Pete Lee was introducing a new musician to the staff and residents of Bridgeside Lodge - his friend and long-time collaborator, vocalist Kat Eaton.

Pete and Kat spent some time with resident EJ and even taught her Talk To Me, the title track from Kat's new album. EJ picked up the lyrics and melody quickly and was soon singing along. They chatted about the back-story of the song, which EJ said she could relate to.

Pete and Kat played Somewhere Over The Rainbow for resident L. Over the last couple of months, we've learned that this song has a real significance for her, reminding her of her children. The song seems to reach her in a way that little else does. When the song finished she clapped and thanked them.


We love having the opportunity to introduce new musicians to residents with whom we have been working for months (or even years in some cases) Kat was really taken with many of the characters who regular readers will be familiar with! After the session Kat reflected on her first visit to Bridgeside Lodge:

It was a really eye-opening session for me and one I won’t forget,

especially when EJ sang ‘Talk To Me’ wow! JC the guitarist was

such a character and so welcoming. It’s amazing how kind

people can be to a stranger coming into their space.

I’ve done a tiny bit of work within music in healthcare before but

only over Zoom so it was great to be able to be face to face.

A very humbling experience, thank you for asking me to be involved.

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