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A tune for June

Updated: Jun 22

Last week was a busy one, so we've condensed a few sessions in to one digestible blog for your reading pleasure. Better pop the kettle on...

On Tuesday, The Spitz provided a trio for our friends Entelechy Arts' tea dance. These happen a couple of times a year and are always great fun, bringing the elder community of Lewisham together for an afternoon of music, poetry and dance. The theme of today's event was "Rooted", with participants talking about their roots in the Carribean, and those which they later put down in South London.

The Spitz band of Ben Hazleton (double bass) Brian 'Mussinghi' Edwards (tenor sax) and Dom Pipkin (piano & vocals) led the party with Dom's famous brand of New Orleans rhythm and blues. Spitz GM Thom provided the PA system and was in the role of sound engineer as well as band chaperone and Spitz ambassador.

At the same time, saxophonist Pete Wareham flew solo at Bridgeside Lodge. Visiting residents in their rooms and also spending time in the garden, his tenor horn fitting perfectly with the beautiful sunshine. Tuesday was the 5th anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire and we wanted to do something to mark the occasion. Pete played Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water", the song that was re-recorded and released as a charity single in support of those affected by the tragedy.

On Wednesday we were back for the official Bridgeside Lodge screening of the short film made in collaboration with CutLoose London and Media Trust. The film focusses on BSL resident Jackie and her fiancée Matt. It was an opportunity for friends and family to visit Jackie (many of whom had not seen her since before the pandemic) and to watch the film together. Between screenings in the lounge, musicians Alice Zawadzki (violin) and Ben Hazleton (bass) provided the perfect underscore for the balmy afternoon BBQ.

Here's the full film if you haven't seen it before -

On Thursday 16th, brothers Nat and Barney Keen (both guitar/vocals) were back at St Pancras Hospital providing music for a summer BBQ at Ash House. This is a mental health facility for adults detained under the Mental Health Act and provides short-term rehabilitation, assessment and treatment for people with a wide range of mental health conditions. While patients here are living with different challenges to the residents of Bridgeside Lodge, the impact of isolation is comparable and the benefits of our work on wellbeing and inclusivity are equally needed.


As you can see, we're keeping busy, expanding Live Music For Wellbeing as far and wide as we can. However, we can only continue to do so with your support and that of our funders. If you're able to donate to The Spitz you can do so here and for a limited time, your donation will be doubled up to £250 so there's never been a better time to donate to The Spitz

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