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An album on the horizon?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Musician: Nat Keen (Guitar)

There are so many special characters within the 4 walls at Bridgeside Lodge, each with a unique story to tell, or a playful creativity that needs to be celebrated. The Spitz try to challenge the long-held notion that care homes are stagnant institutions, lacking expressive outlets for its residents. We aim to provide meaningful musical interactions that help to empower often marginalised people through performance, accompaniment and collaborative song-writing.

If you've been following the blog in recent weeks, you might have been tracking the rise in prominence of one of our most prolific song-writing talents, JR (AKA 'Big J' pictured). The combination of JR and I form what has to be described as a well oiled song writing machine and we're starting to churn out songs quick smart, some people are apparently calling Bridgeside Lodge the 'Motown of North London'...... ok, they're not saying that exactly, but, something is definitely cooking in that place!

This week marks the release of 'Big J's' second studio hit 'Why Does Love Hurt So Much' and I think we're hitting on some gold. Be one of the first to hear it here:

"Why Does Love Hurt So Much"

Why does love hurt so much

Why does love hurt so much

Every time that i see you girl

I am ready to dance

When I'm walking along the street

My heart is beating with love

Why does love hurt so much

Why does love hurt so much

If I only had one more day

I would spend it with you

There is one thing i need to say

Our love will always be good

Let me see, your heart of gold

Oh i never ever thought love could be

So beautiful, your heart of gold

And your golden love sets me free

Why does love hurt so much

Why does love hurt so much 

I can't wait till i go outside

I will play this for you

We'll be dancing along the street 

And I hope our love will always be true

Why does love hurt so much

Why does love hurt so much

JR often tells me 'I can't wait till Fridays so we can make music' . He seems more motivated in recent months and often proudly enquires about reactions to his previous song 'Mother'. I know he'll be excited to hear feedback on this latest release too.

It's this sense of connection to the world through his music that is liberating and transformative, his songs permeate those physical walls and reach people on a level that resonates emotionally.

Very soon, I hope to include others in this experience of having their voices/songs recorded. The next obvious choice in my mind is legendary guitar star and wild west royalty, Mr 'guitar JC'. His rambling tales of bank heists and high speed Chevloret chases through the dusty hot heat of Texas are ripe for recording and I can imagine just the musical accompaniment for it. I'm thinking a Tom Wates-esque setting, moody tremolo guitars and spacious textures under pinned by the gentle pattering of some distant congas. Watch this space!

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