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Angel Canal Festival 2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Musicians: Alice Zawadzki (violin & vocals) Ben Hazleton (bass) Nat Keen (guitar)

The Angel Canal Festival is held on the first Sunday in September each year, in association with the Canal & River Trust. The event takes place around the City Road lock, basin and towpath alongside the Regent's Canal, right next to Bridgeside Lodge, so naturally we had to get involved.

The towpath was filled with market stalls, theatre shows and canal boat "open house" events and Spitz musicians Alice, Ben and Nat provided the music for the residents of BSL who turned out in great numbers.

We decided to experiment setting up the stage in a different spot to usual. The relative position of the autumn sun and the trees, cast a shady, dappling sunlight on the audience, enabling more residents to stay outside for longer. At the height of summer it can get uncomfortably hot in the garden and prolonged periods in direct sunlight can be dangerous for residents. Resident guitarist JC was very happy to be presented with a sun hat - trendy and functional!

Party time at Bridgeside Lodge always means food. Burgers, sausages and chicken sizzled on the BBQ, and were served up with activity coordinator Yvette's homemade salsa made with ingredients from her garden.

The Spitz trio played traditional folk songs, jazz standards, upbeat singalongs and soul classics, including this mellow version of The Jackson 5's 'I Want You Back'

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