• Thom Rowlands

"What an absolute joy"

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Musicians: Alice Zawadzki (violin and voice) and Ben Hazleton (double bass)

Sometimes, when a member of the Spitz core team isn't available, we ask our musicians to tell us about their session so we can write these blogs for you to enjoy. The following is a transcription of a voice memo from singer Alice Zawadzki after her and Ben Hazleton's session. (almost verbatim!)

We’ve just finished, just leaving now. What an absolute joy today was. We began with J and she was definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, smiling at us. I know she never speaks and you know, all the other times I’ve seen her before, her face is serene but never with a definite expression, but today she was 100% smiling and there was even a point where she was cackling almost. Kind of laughing and smiling at us, that was really beautiful. We played an Argentinian tango and then we played My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose that seemed to go down well.

Then we played to EJ. She’s a very generous customer so we always try out different things with her! A couple of them [the songs], she said they sounded “mysterious”, which I think was her way of saying “I’m not really sure about that one!” But we had a laugh about it so that was good. We played some Dowland [English renaissance composer John Dowland] that she seemed to enjoy and she sang along to My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose - that was beautiful.

Then we had an amazing experience with R. We went to his room and he was asleep so we played very quietly outside the door just in case he wanted to wake up, which he did. We played the same Argentinian tango to him and then played a piece called Sueltate La Cintas which means “untie your ribbons”. It’s a very gorgeous, prowling, romantic song by an Argentinian composer called Gustavo Santaolalla. We played that to him, and we also played Tonada de Luna Llena which is another South American song in Spanish and it was extraordinary. His face, he was very surprised I think, that was very special.

We also played for L, who I haven't met before. We played lots of jigs and he was amazing. He was getting up and dancing and vocalising, very very loudly. I walked up to him with my violin and we were kind of jamming in these gestures of sound, that was nice.

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