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BSL's sweethearts...

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Marcina Arnold (guitar and vocals) and Brian Edwards (sax)

There was a particularly peaceful vibe at our Spitz/ Bridgeside Lodge event on the 22nd of July. Brian and Marcina took us on a journey with their set of haunting Brazilian tunes and melodic jazz. Brian complimented the already sleepy atmosphere by the canal by warming up his saxophone facing onto the lock. It even lured over two women floating in a rubber dinghy, who stayed for the whole gig.

"It's like we've been drawn over by the pied piper!”

- Rubber dinghy voyagers

B and S, BSL’s sweethearts, were in their usual front row seats. They happily soaked up the music, the sun, and their new love. Last week, S helped B write a song with Arthur called “He’s in it to Win it.” During a break for the musicians, we managed to play the song’s first draft through the PA system. B was grinning ear to ear and eagerly telling S:

"They're playing our song.”

- Resident B, BSL

Tanya noticed how much more open and confident he had become. It was like he had a newfound voice and was proud of it.

Marcina encouraged her audience to feel the music in our bodies and move with it. It was amazing to watch G.H , who has recently started to regain a bit of movement in her right arm, being encouraged by the music to try to use it in her dancing. Seeing these transformations never fails to be deeply moving — a reminder of why we do this vital work.

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