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Classical Monday III

Musicians: Abigail Dance (violin) Tanya Cracknell (violin) Jay Jenkinson (cello)

Part three of our Classical Mondays series, supported by the Radcliffe Trust featured a string trio (a first at Bridgeside Lodge!) of Abigail Dance and Tanya Cracknell, both on violins and Jay Jenkinson on cello. Abi, Tanya and Jay discussed their visit -

TC: We started off in the common room on the ground floor and eased everyone in (including ourselves!) with [Johann Sebastian] Bach's Air on a G String.

AD: As we played, more and more residents came in, it was a really nice atmosphere. People were drawn in by the music and seemed to really enjoy it.

JJ: We ended up having a play-along with some drums and a guitar.

TC: Yes, JC & JS joined us. Although we were playing classical this time, they still joined in, it was really nice. The guitar sounded a bit harpsichord-y next to the Bach violin concerto [in baroque music of this period, the strings would often be accompanied by a harpsichord]. Hungarian Dance [by German composer Johannes Brahms] went down very well.

JJ: Yes that really got people up on their feet!

TC: [Residents ] A and EJ had a dance to that one.

AD: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart was very upbeat and we had some sing-alongs, everyone recognised it.

TC: Later we went upstairs to play for resident MB. Her family were visiting and they told us that she really likes classical music so we played in the corridor outside her room. They wanted to be still and quiet, so we just provided some background music for them.

AD: We played Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Bach. It's beautiful, flowing and gentle, and we played some Corelli, Pasorale.

JJ: I think anything in 3 [in a 3/4 time signature, such as a waltz] is very calming, flowing. MB's daughter said that she used to play a lot of [Polish composer Frédéric] Chopin.

TC: Yes she was a pianist, so I'm sure she will have recognised those tunes. Cool lady. We played 3 or 4 for them, then asked if they wanted any more, as we didn't want to outstay our welcome. We could hear claps coming from down the corridor so the music was really carrying throughout the halls.

AD: Finally we visited GH. She actually started by singing to us! She lead the performance and I tried to join in with her - she picked a key with 6 flats in it! Then we played Panis Angelicus [Bread of the Angels] which she sang along to.

TC: It was a really lovely day. It's a the first time I've played a full session of classical music at Bridgeside Lodge. It's great when people get up and dance for the more upbeat numbers, but watching people take in the slower ones is just as poignant and important.

AD: People can feel like they have to interact and that they have to have a very active response and actually they might just want to sit and listen and be absorbed in the music. I think that's just as valid, a different energy.

JJ: We loved it. A real privilege. They were thanking us and we were thanking them!


You can find out more about these fantastic musicians on their websites -

Abigail Dance - www.abigaildance.com

Tanya Cracknell - www.thegrimeviolinist.co.uk

Jay Jenkinson - www.jayjenkinson.com

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