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Contemplating our Summer of music

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Arthur Lea (piano and vocals) and Henrik Jensen (double bass)

There was a definite autumnal feel in the air at our event on the 26th of August, which led us to contemplate the summer of weekly music sessions we had been fortunate enough to put on. When we returned to BSL post- lockdown, understandably there was a lot of suppressed stress, anger and confusion. Our aim was to support their well-being and help them process their experiences. The result has been incredibly rewarding. Wonderful friendships have emerged, the community spirit has strengthened, and there have been clear improvements in mental health. It’s impossible to ignore how important these improvements are, and we are determined to continue our visits - despite the winds!

E.J was thrilled and excited to be able to listen to her newly written song during the interval. She laughed as the verse about her husband came up and reached out to hold my hand. Normally a more reserved woman, E.J thanked me with a huge smile on her face.

Another resident who spoke about the therapeutic benefits of our songwriting was S. Thanks to the app Band Lab, she is able to listen to her music whenever she wants. S told us that she listens to all her songs every single night. She said that now that her thoughts have been put into music she feels a sense of freedom and release. S's story is a very sad one, so any improvements we can help with means so much. She tried to describe this feeling to us:

"It's like something's sitting on my chest...but in a good way!"

- Resident S, BSL

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