• Thom Rowlands

Piano lesson no.2

Updated: Feb 1

Musician: Thom Rowlands (keyboard)

Today was our second piano lesson at BSL. Thom had planned a new few things to show Leyla but she immediately took the lead and showed him what she’d been practicing since our last lesson. Danny Boy sounded brilliant. She had implemented everything she'd been shown; articulation and fingering and hitting all the right notes. She’s a natural. An even bigger joy was when she said that she’d been practicing with (resident) EJ, who had been listening and giving advice and pointing out any errors. It’s so wonderful to imagine a resident giving her primary care-giver advice and constructive criticism as she learns an instrument for the first time. Really exciting.

We talked about using major and minor chords to harmonise the melody, and how these would be played in the left hand, while the right hand took the melody. It’s a real joy to see someone so keen to learn and improve and despite being a bit nervous, share their musical journey with someone for whose daily care and wellbeing they are responsible

Halfway through our 45 minute lesson, we were joined (or should that be gatecrashed!) by another carer, Mo, who wanted to know when she could have lessons, and showed us a few tricks of her own on the keyboard. The musical bug is spreading throughout BSL!

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