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Dreaming of jazz bars and cocktails...

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Marcina Arnold (guitar and vocals) and Brian Edwards (saxophone)

When we arrived at Bridgeside Lodge for our next scheduled music event this week, Fatma, the Center Manager, told us it had been a difficult morning for some of the residents. We were eager to raise their spirits, but were concerned that the chilly wind would deter many from coming down into the garden. Luckily, Thom had brought an extra PA system which a member of the BSL staff brought up to the second floor, so the music could float through the corridors and reach more people without them having to leave the warmth of their rooms.

Marcina and Brian’s beautiful music provided a lovely distraction for the wider community too. Many of the local passersby on the canal path stopped to listen and wave over at us. House-boat owners sat out to watch, and the workers re-asphalting the road outside (one of whom even put in a couple of song requests) were able to listen as they worked! Brian’s saxophone was also a big hit with I.J. She said it made her think of jazz bars and cocktails!

We were very pleased to see that one family member, who had come to visit his mother, decided to stay for a while after his mother had gone back in. He seemed happy to enjoy the music and have a moment to relax. S also seemed to be very relaxed. During the interval, we played her some of the songs. After asking her how they made her feel she said:

“All sorts of emotions. Sometimes I cry. But mostly I listen to the words and think about how these things have really happened to me... I’m so glad we wrote those songs.”

- Resident S, BSL

She is then able to sleep with a clear mind. The success of S’s love of her songs and the emotional journey they’ve helped her along is something we hope we can do with many other residents at BSL.

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