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Eine kleine Nachmittagsmusik

Alice Zawadzki (violin) Camila Corvalan (viola) Alice Purton (cello)

Following on from our trad jazz Tuesday, it was a complete change on Wednesday. Spitz regular Alice Zawadzki assembled a string trio, inviting two of her long-time collaborators, viola player Camila Corvalan and cellist Alice Purton.

We were treated to a selection of classical favourites from Bach, Handel, Mozart and Vivaldi, with residents singing along to familiar melodies. Baroque and classical music seems to exist in the subconscious of our culture. We hear these melodies in movies, on TV, in school, and while we may not immediately be able to identify the Allegro from Mozart's Köchel 525 in G major, we all recognise this tune...

...and yes we're technically in summer but the strong breeze and the threat of rain certainly made it feel like another of The Four Seasons...

We all know about one-hit-wonders in pop music, but Johann Pachelbel was the original one-hit-wonder. His Canon in D is one of the best-loved and universally-recognised pieces of music and remains the most popular piece of music at wedding ceremonies. It's a simple and beautiful piece.

Residents who have a tendency to be agitated and distressed sat calmly throughout the entirety of the two-hour recital. While others who are usually game for a rock 'n' roll sing-a-long decided that this wasn't really their thing and decided to spend their time elsewhere. As is their prerogative. We very much want residents to retain their own agency and independence and that as much means respecting their decision when they decide not to engage, as encouraging them when they do.

Camila and Alice P both really enjoyed their first session at Bridgeside Lodge and we look forward to welcoming them back soon. Maybe it'll be a quartet next time!

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