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Families reunited

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Arthur Lea (piano and vocals) and Henrik Jensen (bass)

Our gig at Bridgeside Lodge on Friday 10th of July was the busiest event we’ve put on so far since returning to work post lockdown. Resident’s families are finally able to come and visit their loved ones again, and our concert accompanied their reunions. For one new resident, who sat smiling quietly in the sunshine with his family, it was the first trip outside his room since arriving.

Arthur Lea and Henrik Jensen played a mixture of Bridgeside Lodge favourites; songs written by residents, and rock and blues classics. G, one of the newer residents, had experienced a loss that week. His beautiful pet bird and much loved companion Jacko had died. Arthur played G the song they had written about him the week before. It was very moving. Afterwards, G said philosophically:

“The dead don’t come back, but the memory stays.”

- Resident G, BSL

Jacko’s musical legacy was not only therapeutic for G in his grief, but was also a mark of our friendship and the support we aim to give.

The Spitz have begun a collaboration with Islington Bereavement Services (IBS) who joined us for the first time at this event. Their employee Gareth circulated very effectively in just the hour that he was there — including chatting to visitor S.T who's husband died just before Christmas.

James, a BSL member of staff, took one of our Spitz iPad’s through the building while the gig played through Facetime. Bedbound residents were then able to be part of the afternoon. J.C was able to watch the gig from his bed and between songs could be heard clapping:

“Thank you, thank you!”

- Resident J.C, BSL

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