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Honesty is the best policy

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Musician: Thom Rowlands (guitar and voice)

We often talk about our work at Bridgeside Lodge as being collaborative. It’s a two-way thing, not just Spitz musicians playing for residents and staff. Spitz musicians are using their time at BSL to expand their skillset and try out new things in a welcoming environment. Spitz co-ordinator Thom used Friday morning to work on his singing.

“I’m not a great singer and this is the perfect forum in which to work on it. I’ve decided to tell residents that I’m trying to improve my vocals, rather than trying to blag it. During Bob Marley’s 3 Little Birds I realised I wasn’t going to hit the high note in the middle of the verse so I stopped and explained that I’d started the song in the wrong key! After dropping it down a bit I think it went ok.”

Thom played for G in her room. G’s mobile rang while he was there, she answered the phone “fantastic, fantastic!” She kept saying. Thom offered to leave but she wouldn’t hear of it and he played on while she held the phone up for the caller.

We met a fairly new resident called V for the first time, asked her about her music taste and she said she likes rock & roll so Thom played a Chuck Berry song for her.

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