• Kate Millett

“I always look forward to your visits.”​

Hangout/ Songwriting

Musician: Kate Millett (vocals and ukulele)

Over the past few months The Spitz has grown accustomed to musicking in Bridgeside Lodge’s garden in all different weathers. Our hangout songwriting session on Friday the 21st of August was accompanied by strong and blustery winds. With a bit of adapted teamwork (including Tanya alternating between being a music stand and a camera woman) we had a lovely morning, wonderful chats with staff and residents, and a potential new song to write.

E.J was very keen to join us again. She seemed to have a lovely relationship with her carer Leyla and the two of them sat with us for the whole session. Between songs we would chat all about E.J’s life (from childhood to marriage.) She was very interested by my suggestion of writing a song about her life, and said she looked forward to hearing it next time.

Having a smaller audience meant we had the freedom to focus on individuals, including BSL staff. Often the staff are so busy that we don’t get a chance to sitdown and really talk to them. Leyla, E.J’s carer, was clearly very interested in music and we often heard her helping E.J to remember tunes she liked. Leyla also told us a bit about her experiences in the height of the pandemic.She said: “To be honest I really lost all hope. There was so much death and so much sadness everyday.”

Her words were raw and heartfelt. Although things are much better

now, the trauma is still there. She went on to say that the support

they all gave each other helped them get through it. We told her our

aim is to support BSL’s staff as well as the residents. She loved our

‘Clap for Carers’ videos and said: “I always look forward to your visits.”

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