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“I can see what you guys do is something magic and inspiring."

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Dom Pipkin (piano and vocals) and Graham Hughes (bass)

On the hottest day of the year so far, we returned to Bridgeside Lodge’s garden for a canal side concert with musicians Dom Pipkin and Graham Hughes. It felt like all of our Covid cancelled summer holidays had come to us as residents and staff sat under bright yellow umbrellas (coincidentally the same colour as the Spitz banner), and locals sat along the canal path sunbathing and enjoying the concert.

A busker on the canal path was playing as we set up. When we popped over to apologise for interrupting his session he said he’d seen our banner and already googled The Spitz. It was wonderful to get an outside perspective on our events:

“I can see what you guys do is something magic and inspiring. I couldn’t compete with that!”

- Busking musician

Many of the residents who weren’t able to come down to the garden danced on the balconies and waved down to us. J, who had been taking guitar lessons pre-lockdown with The Spitz, brought his guitar down and sat grinning from ear to ear, plucking it’s strings.

B, who has only been at Bridgeside Lodge for a couple of weeks, told us that he is a huge jazz fan:

“Before I came here, my favourite thing to do on a Saturday was pop down to my local for a beer and listen to their live jazz. This afternoon is as close to that as I can hope for and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

- Resident B, BSL

Bringing back the comfort of those memories is an important part of our work. We want to ease the trauma caused by isolation and loss, and thus promote well-being.

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