• Thom Rowlands

"I love them the way they are"

Musicians: Arthur Lea (piano, vocals) Kat Eaton (vocals)

Today was one of our lo-fi "hanging out" sessions. Less of a party or concert, more an opportunity to hang out with the residents, share stories and play a few songs.

After getting on the mic during our Jubilee celebrations the previous week, resident JR was keen write a song of his own with The Spitz. So after a vocal warm-up of a few Bob Marley favourites...

...the writing session began. JR spoke about love and humanity and togetherness. Universal human emotions which show his positivity and kind outlook on the world.

JR, Kat and Arthur got the opening verse down with the lyrics from JR -

"I don't hate people, I love them the way they are"

"We are all one."

We've definitely got a star-in-the-making and we're excited to see where the song goes next...

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