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“I’ve been keeping my guitar polished!"

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Alice Zawadzki (vocals and violin) and Arthur Lea (piano and vocals)

Another lovely afternoon was spent at Bridgeside Lodge on the 29th of July, in wonderful company and listening to great music. Alice Zawadzki, 2020’s Jazz FM Vocalist of the year nominee, sang and played the violin with Arthur Lea on the keyboards. The level of engagement from the audience, combined with how well the musicians worked together and the beautiful weather made it one of our most memorable post-lockdown events.

A particularly special moment was when Leslie, one of BSL’s resident’s, stood up to request a song. L is rarely an audience member at Spitz events. She walks in and out, but is easily agitated and irritated so doesn’t usually get involved. We were also thrilled to have J.C well enough to come down into the garden for the whole session. He brought his guitar again and said:

“I’ve been keeping my guitar polished. Even though it’s not getting much use at the moment, I want it to be looking its best.”

- Resident J.C, BSL

It was wonderful to witness how close the community was. The staff have a genuine affection for the residents, give excellent care, and are on very friendly terms with family visitors. One visitor was thrilled that she had coincided her visit with a Spitz gig. Sadly her mum has very advanced Dementia and her visits can be difficult. When her mum did come down to the garden we saw her smile of recognition and a touching reunion.

“Mum is getting less and less responsive, but having live music to listen to helps on many levels.”

- Family visitor, BSL

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