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“I’ve made many great friends through music”

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Hangout/ Songwriting

Musician: Laurence Corn (guitar and vocals)

“I’ve made many great friends through music”

- Resident E.J, BSL

E.J is one of Bridgeside Lodge’s newest residents. She was happy to join our songwriting session on the 3rd of August, and enjoyed the uplifting songs of Laurence Corns. Our songwriting music sessions are focused on the care home residents. We chat to them, take song requests, hear their stories and (if they are up for it) help to shape their words into songs.

Once engaged in conversation, one resident, A, began to tell us about the stack of records he has at home. After that, there was no stopping him! He described his life as a French Polisher in Shoreditch and the many changes he'd seen London go through.

“You live your life, and if you can’t talk about it, what’s the point? It keeps your memory fresh.”

- Resident A, BSL

He was thrilled when Laurence suggested we write a song about his experiences. Quick as anything, he came up with the title: ‘Shiner.’

As we moved around the garden chatting to different people and playing songs, resident G followed. He was so happy that the Spitz were visiting again:

“It really brightens up my day.”

- Resident G, BSL

He began to tell us about the adventures he used to go on as a boy. At the age of 15 he cycled to Stockholm. We thought this would make a wonderful song and G was very pleased. A new project and something to look forward to brought out a lovely smile on his face.

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