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“If I could, I would be up there dancing till the music stopped.”

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Arthur Lea (piano and vocals) and Alice Zawadzki (vocals and violin)

We had Arthur Lea and Alice Zawadzki return to Bridgeside Lodge on the 5th of August for the second week in a row. Repetition often brings positive results among care home communities and, sure enough, many of the residents recognised Alice and were thrilled to see the two musicians back again.

A BSL member of staff took one of the iPads inside the care home and the concert continued on FaceTime for residents who weren’t well enough to come down. He went from bedroom to bedroom on each of the floors and residents such as J.C and G were able to enjoy the music. It makes a big difference for them to know that we haven’t forgotten about them.

We always know it’s a good event when the dancing starts! While watching two members of staff dancing, we started chatting to H.W. He told us how much he loved dancing and music. He’s from the Fiji islands, and before he lost a leg in a motorbike accident he said he used to dance every day. It's something he misses, but he's grateful he can still listen to music:

“If I could, I would be up there dancing till the music stopped.”

- Resident H.W, BSL

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