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It felt like we were part of a community celebration or holiday!

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Najwa Ezzaher (vocals) and Matteo Grassi (guitar)

Our Spitz concert on the 19th of August had to be postponed due to a day of non-stop rain. Luckily musicians Najwa and Matteo were flexible and able to join us the following morning instead. The weather couldn’t have been more different, and as the sun came out, so did the residents, staff and passersby on the canal path! It felt like we were part of a community celebration or holiday; full of cheer, music and dancing —a wonderful distraction from reality.

Social distancing restrictions have made it very difficult for performers to include and have personal connections with their listeners, but Najwa skillfully overcame these barriers. Residents such as K and D, who don’t normally dance, were moving their arms and legs, encouraged by Najwa’s rhythm. The music was working it’s magic!

G was given a special rendition of his song ‘Jacko’, which the musicians had learnt especially for him. Najwa is French Moroccan, so she was able to sing the song perfectly. G was thrilled and took Najwa to visit Jacko’s grave on the side of BSL’s garden.

"It was a wonderful experience, I was extremely touched and honoured."

- Najwa, Musician

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