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Mutually rewarding

Musicians: Pete Wareham (saxophone) Ben Hazleton (double bass)

Pete's third visit to Bridgeside Lodge with bassist Ben Hazleton and we decided it was about time to get his thoughts on his visits thus far:

Every time I play at Bridgeside Lodge it feels magical. The

residents are very open to the music and the atmosphere is

quiet, gentle and deeply appreciative - from our side as well

as theirs. It's a beautiful setting by the canal and we always

have such a mutually rewarding experience.

We especially love Pete's comment about a "mutually rewarding experience". Residents and carers give, as well as receiving,

Jazzers Pete and Ben played for resident J. The video below (shot by her fiance Matt and used with permission) shows clearly how much she's enjoying their improvisation. We've noticed a real improvement in J, her facial expressions becoming more and more prounounced and a brighter sparkle in her eyes.

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