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National Day Of Arts In Care Homes

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

AM musicians: Arthur Lea (piano, vocals) Ben Hazleton (double bass) Alice Zawadzki (vocals, violin) Jon Scott (drums)

PM musicians: Pete Lee (piano) Ben Hazleton (double bass) Alice Zawadzki (vocals, violin)

Friday 24th September was National Day Of Arts In Care Homes. It's a wonderful annual event which does what it says on the tin. Events took place all over the country celebrating the arts, in all forms, within care home settings.

We planned a full day of events at Bridgeside Lodge. The morning was party time, with drummer Jon Scott making his Bridgeside Lodge debut alongside old hands Arthur, Alice and Ben to play rock 'n' roll and blues numbers, including an extended version of resident JC's original song The Ballad Of Bolene. Knowing how much he loves our sessions and to be so actively involved, JC's carer Diana kindly parked his wheelchair on stage with the band. The smile didn't leave his face for the entire day.

Following the morning's exertions, the afternoon session was more mellow and contemplative. Arthur and Jon had to leave us for other gigs so Ben and Alice were joined by pianist Pete Lee. The trio played gentle instrumentals and classical pieces in the autumn sunshine, casting a calming and peaceful spell over the garden and everyone in it.

These snaps of resident JS sum up the day perfectly. In the final image, Ben is showing carer Leyla the tricks of the trade for a double bassist, while JS keeps the beat.

All photos (c) Hannah Lovell

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