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National Day Of Arts In Care Homes

Updated: Sep 29

Musicians: Arthur Lea (piano, vocals) Kat Eaton (vocals) Nathaniel Keen (guitar vocals)

The National Day of Arts in Care Homes is a project managed by NAPA (The National Activity Providers Association - the UK’s leading activity and engagement charity.) It is an annual event that takes place on 24 September. The aim is to champion, promote and encourage arts engagement in care settings and highlight the health and wellbeing benefits for all involved.

It's one of the big dates in The Spitz calendar each year and one we always look forward to celebrating with our friends at Bridgeside Lodge. Confession time. This year we cheated. The fates were against us and we weren't able to do 24th September, so instead we celebrated early, on Friday 15th September. Spitz trio of Arthur Lea, Nat Keen and Kat Eaton (luckily in town for the weekend, having moved out of London earlier this year) treated residents and staff to an energetic afternoon of live music.

The requests came in from the very start of the session with resident JBL and her partner Matt requesting some Chaka Khan...

Big Joe, ukelele in hand joined in on Bridgeside classics, 3 Little Birds and Lean On Me, as well as his original song Big Stress Express...

...and a sing-a-long to Lou Reed's classic was fitting finale to what really was a Perfect Day.

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