• Kate Millett

Piano lesson no.1

Updated: Jan 11

Uncharacteristically for Mondays, ours was a wonderful start to the week! Our Creating with Carers project at Bridgeside Lodge was developing and Leyla was having her first piano lesson with Thom! After our Covid tests, Thom and Leyla (kitted in PPE) settled in the ground floor common (which was fully ventilated) with a donated keyboard. As she was setting up, Leyla told me: “I’m nervous, but I’m also so excited!” She had been given permission from her manager to have this lesson, but was still using her valuable break time for it. For carers working 12 hour shifts, a half hour break is imperative, so her enthusiasm to have a piano lesson really showed her love for the arts and her support for our project. Thom was impressed by Leyla’s natural musical ear, and was encouraged by her eagerness to continue: “I still have 5 more minutes of my break, I want to do more!” She later said “I feel so happy, it really lifted me up, and I can’t wait to get better and play songs with residents.” She was still buzzing from the experience when I visited again on Thursday!

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