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Updated: Mar 5, 2021


AM - Thom Rowlands (guitar)

PM - Ben Hazleton (double bass) Alice Zawadzki (vocals and violin)

Another double session on Friday, with Thom visiting in the morning with some solo guitar and Ben and Alice in the afternoon. We were also joined for the full day by the wonderful Hannah Lovell, filming and photographing our musical escapades. All photos in this blog are hers, as are many of the films you'll find here on the website and on our social media feeds.

Bridgeside Lodge have begun a partnership with West Acton Primary School and we were asked to film residents reciting a poem written by the students. Residents JC and EJ both obliged and did a fantastic job., with Thom providing a musical accompaniment to EJ's reading.

In the afternoon, Alice and Ben continued the music. There was a real sense of joy as Alice and Ben played Scottish gig and reels as requested by resident I who showed off her dance moves, leading the party.

Alice sang Dvořák's Song To The Moon from Rusalka which EJ sang along to. (made famous by Renee Fleming) “When you tell people you’re going to sing a Czech aria people assume they won’t know it, then they hear it and it’s like, ‘Oh yea, this one’.”

Alice and Ben visited resident J to wish her a happy birthday, then played one of Alice’s own songs.

“We got quieter and quieter and her eyes closed and I didnt want to wake her to say goodbye so we started creeping out, then she opened her eyes again so we played another song. Then she kept her eyes closed.”

- Alice, musician

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