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Some music after breakfast!

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Laurence Corns (guitar and vocals) and Marcus Bonfanti (guitar and vocals)

To accommodate the rainy weather forecast, we had our first morning event on the 12th of August. We were concerned that the early hour might affect the size of the audience (many residents sleep through the morning). However, we were pleasantly surprised! There was a big turn out, including several residents who don’t usually join our events.

Musicians Laurence Corns and Marcus Bonfanti know Bridgeside Lodge well. They played sunny themed (weather appropriate) jazz, blues and swing songs, but also took requests. One request was from K, who is new to BSL. He told us that he used to be the drummer in a band. His request was ‘Mustang Sally’ which Marcus said is the perfect song for a drummer. K’s demeanour was transformed. He had been sitting quietly at the back of the audience with his head down, but was soon upright, smiling and engaged.

Memory is another thing music can stimulate. We spoke to I.R, a resident originally from Dublin, about Ireland and her favourite music. She said that for her, music is very meaningful:

“When I listen to music I think of my son. He loved music, so I always imagine him.”

- Resident I.R, BSL

She later told us that many of her family members had died, leading us to suspect that maybe her son was no longer alive. Although this wasn’t confirmed, the music had still done a powerful thing by helping her feel close to her loved one.

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