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The next generation

Updated: Jan 13

Musicians: Ben Hazleton (double bass) Pete Wareham (saxophone) Tiger Wareham (vocals)

On Tuesday 14th December we welcomed saxophonist Pete Wareham to Bridgeside Lodge for the first time. After a successful session with bassist Ben Hazleton, Pete returned two weeks later, this time bringing his daughter Tiger with him.

The period between Christmas and New Year can be particularly difficult for care home residents so we were extra pleased that this fantastic session could take place.

The video below shows Tiger (11) singing for resident J, accompanied by Pete and Ben.

Throughout 2022 The Spitz will be focussing on a project entitled "The Next Generation" in which we will introduce young musicians to the care settings in which we work. We will guide and mentor them, as the next generation bringing Live Music For Wellbeing to people living in isolation. We're really excited about this project and very grateful to Tiger for helping us get it off the ground. Thanks Tiger!

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