• Thom Rowlands

There's a fire within my soul

Musicians: Alice Zawadzki (vocals & violin) Ben Hazleton (double bass)

During the 30 minutes it takes for a lateral flow test to complete, Ben & Alice rehearse the repertoire they plan to play during the upcoming session. Time well spent. So much so that they're planning to arrive even earlier next time so they can rehearse for longer. This shows a real desire to be entirely present, to put preparation into delivering the best possible session for the residents.

They chatted with the wife of resident DW. She's an artist, and they complimented her on her sculptures (pictures of which are on postcards in DW's room). She said she can’t do sculpture any more but is enjoying painting at the moment, she recently won an award. There's so much artistic talent and flair among the wider community of Bridgeside Lodge and we love when it reveals itself.

Alice and Ben played Mamma Mia to JB. Ben's not a big ABBA guy, so it was challenge!

In the dining room they met JR. He wasn't in his usual high spirits and and when they asked him if he’d like some music he said ’not bothered’. He gradually warmed towards it all and sang along to Three Little Birds and asked them “Did you love my voice?" It's the second time that he's expressed pride in his singing voice, which we're all for!

On the second floor, Ben asked GH if he had any requests, to which he immediately replied “Handel” with took them by surprise. We think of GH as being in to The Beatles. 60 folk-pop and that sort of thing so for his to request baroque music was quite unexpected. They played Handel, Corelli and some songs from West Side Story including ’Tonight’

There's another GH on the second floor of Bridgeside Lodge. A former barrister who loves music and seems to get a lot out of out visits. The rapport between Alice and GH is getting stronger and stronger, a strong bond without words. They played her some tango, Corelli and improvised music. She danced away in her chair to the tango, swaying and conducting the musicians in her elegant way.

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