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“This is just like Glastonbury''

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Laurence Corns (guitar and vocals) and Marcus Bonfanti (guitar and vocals)

“This is just like Glastonbury''

- Frede, BSL’s Center Administrator

Heavy rain accompanied our next event. But, sheltered under BSL’s gazebo, or “The Pyramid Stage”, blues and jazz musicians Laurence Corns and Marcus Bonfanti were not to be deterred and played a wonderful gig.

We split our PA system so that one speaker was just inside BSL’s common room entrance, allowing the residents and staff perfect audio without any of the cold or rain. Residents and carers joined the audience downstairs, or looked out of their windows, clapping along to the incredible guitar solos. Across the canal there were even local passersby, huddled under the trees, who couldn’t help but stop and appreciate the music. Laurence reminded us that this was probably the only (legal) live music gig currently available in the whole country!

As lockdown continues to loosen, it’s easy for some of us to begin to put the past few months behind us, however, for many vulnerable communities who have been terribly affected, such as BSL, it is an ongoing nightmare. Fatma, the Center Manager told us on Wednesday how valuable our visits are:

“Having The Spitz back is so very encouraging. For the staff, there is light at the end of the tunnel!”

- Fatma Makalo, GM at BSL

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