• Kate Millett

"Today music brought us all together.”

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Musicians: Arthur Lea (piano and vocals) and Tanya Cracknell (violin)

The sun finally came out for our concert in Bridgeside Lodge's garden (BSL) on the 19th of June. We had had a couple of low key events at the beginning of the month but this was our first full concert post-lockdown. Led by Arthur on the keyboards and Tanya on the violin, the residents and staff enjoyed a few hours of music and singing. However, as we attempted socially distanced conversation it became apparent that the recent and ongoing trauma of Covid-19 and lockdown would not be easily forgotten.

Fatma Makalo, the Center Manager, said the past few months had been overwhelmingly lonely. Having The Spitz back, albeit in an adapted, experimental setting, was a comfort and support to the staff:

“Both your work and your friendship is invaluable.”

- Fatma Makalo, GM at BSL

BSL welcomed eight new residents in the past few weeks. It has been much more difficult for these residents to settle in and transition into care home life without the comfort of regular family visitors. Our music session helped to unify the community as new residents came out into the garden for the first time and met their neighbours.

G, one new resident, told us that when he heard the music from the 3rd floor balcony, it was the first time he felt able to come downstairs and join in:

“I’ve found it hard to make friends so far, but there is

something special and inviting about live music.

Today it’s brought us all together.”

- Resident G, BSL

The BSL family needs our music, support and help now more than ever to heal, recover and remember happier times. O, a resident who has often taken part in our activities, told us that these sessions are much more than just a break and distraction for them:

“Sitting here in the garden among the flowers, listening

to the music and occasional birdsong, I can close my eyes

and imagine I’m back at home.”

- Resident O, BSL

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