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"Together We Are Strong"

Updated: Mar 16

Musicians: Arthur Lea (piano, vocals) Kat Eaton (vocals)

A Friday afternoon in the sunshine is hard to beat, but when you add music from Kat Eaton and Arthur Lea you know you're on to a winner.

Today was resident SS's birthday and several of her friends and family had planned a surprise visit. As SS arrived in the garden she was met with balloons, cake and a rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday". There was a real party atmosphere amoung all those present. The staff at Bridgeside Lodge celebrate every resident's birthday but it's extra special when friends and family are able to visit as well.


Last time Kat and Arthur were at Bridgeside Lodge, they began writing a new original song with resident JR. There's definitely some magic happening between those three because today an anthemic chorus emerged which soon everyone in the garden was singing along with -

"United, together we are strong"

We've got plans for a pop-up recording studio at Bridgeside Lodge in August and hope to get JR's new song recorded and added to the Spitz/Bridgeside compilation!


While this was going on, Spitz GM Thom got chatting with two sisters who were waiting for a tour of Bridgeside Lodge. Sadly their mother is unwell and they are in the process of finding a care home for her. The combination of the setting, the beautiful water-side garden and the music had them hoping for a place at Bridgeside Lodge before they had taken the indoor tour.

We know that our regular visits improve the quality of life of the residents of Bridgeside and hope to continue our planned expansions into other similar homes and centres. As ever, we rely on donations and grants in order to do this. If you're able to help out with a donation you can do so here, and your money will go even further as all donations are being matched (up to £250) by the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund.

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