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Turning the past into art...

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Hangout/ Songwriting

Musician: Arthur Lea (piano and vocals)

Our first post-lockdown Spitz Songwriting session felt quite autumnal. But, although the weather was against us we were sure we would uncover some potential songs among the residents or staff. Covid has been an unprecedented time of complex emotions — isolation, depression, confusion and death. Music and songwriting with The Spitz are effective ways for residents and staff alike to express themselves and process what they are feeling.

The sound of Arthur Lea on the piano soon brought some residents down to the garden. S, who has previously written five songs with the Spitz, told us about the swimming pool therapy she had to help her regain the use of her leg. This inspired the start of a new song, based around the dream-like image of walking in water. Reflecting on her past and putting it into art was therapeutic for S.

G was another keen participant. The combination of stories from his interesting life, and his friendship with his pet bird Jacko, was an opportunity for The Spitz’s first French song! We played around with Parisian chords and struggled with French lyrics (Jacko happily rhymes with the French for bird - oiseau), efforts which G was moved by:

“Rather touching, thank you”

- Resident G, BSL

Even though adapting to Covid safe ways of working meant that we didn’t see as many residents, the work that we did do that day was powerful for everyone involved. We have two new songs to work on with two different residents — a unifying project. S’s genuinely heart-felt thanks at the end of her session and G's shy positivity were definitely worth getting a little bit rained on!

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