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"We're in this together!"

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Musicians: Arthur Lea (piano and vocals) and Henrik Jensen (bass)

We were pleasantly surprised by how lovely the weather was when we arrived at Bridgeside Lodge on Wednesday. The autumnal light bounced off the canal and the sun shone. We were relieved, having originally booked our event for that afternoon (we decided to change it as it was forecast to rain). Arthur Lea and Henrik Jensen played an uplifting set of jazz, residents’ songs, and even took a couple of requests. S was in the garden when Arthur arrived. She is moving into her own apartment soon but has told us she is keen to keep visiting The Spitz.

“I'm looking forward to writing songs about my new life.”

- Resident S, BSL

Fatma, BSL’s Center Manager, is extremely concerned about both staff and residents’ mental health as Covid cases in London rise and restrictions continue to tighten. She sees our work as vital for their well-being, and to ensure our continued visits has offered us weekly Covid tests alongside her staff. We had our first one on Wednesday from Assistant Manager Audrei who was quick, gentle, and made us feel very comfortable. However, she was also clearly exhausted:“I did 65 of these yesterday.” With negative results we will be able to bring music back into BSL and benefit a much larger number of residents. It was an opportunity we jumped at, and were honored to be included in Fatma’s staff circle, many of whom have shown a keen interest in our work.

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