• Nathaniel Keen

What's on the program today?

Musicians: Nathaniel Keen (guitar) Graham Hughes (double bass)

Graham and I met in the garden prepared for a toasty day of songs and interactions. As we were doing our lateral-flow tests we chatted about how I'd been in a barbershop quartet at school and he'd been a choir boy. Both agreed that we'd benefitted from singing in close harmony at a young age and tried to find some new shared repertoire from those days. The song Me And My Shadow cropped up and we instantly found an opportunity to play it to resident H. His daughter was visiting and mentioned that he loved jazz singers.

We decided to make visits from ground floor to top floor today, as we usually visit ground floor residents towards the end of our visits and thought they might appreciate our fresh energy this time around. EJ's face lit up and she took her seat, grinning and asking us 'so what's the program today?' We kicked off with a more refined second take of Me And My Shadow and followed it up with Corcovado, Amazing Grace and finished off with a large dose of positivity playing It's a Good Day. In the kitchen we found resident I, for whom we played some early jazz, without realising at the time, we'd been chatting earlier to his family in the garden after our tests and they'd expressed how much he loved music.

On the first floor we found JS looking a little forlorn, but it wasn't long before we were playing through our set of Irish reels with JS expertly pounding out quavers on the arm chair and S shimmying around on the dance floor. S seemed content despite having asked for Elvis and remarking that I could probably move my hips like the king himself, I assured her that I couldn't.

We had a hankering for rock so made our way up to see JC, he took his guitar and requested No Particular Place To Go. It's amazing and uplifting to be around JC's infectious energy, he's always full of ideas and positivity which is shared around the room in abundance. We started work on our next song, improvised but with JC leading us towards a subject and narrative. We gravitated towards his favourite themes....Mississippi, railroads, the wild west and a sense of adventure....I'm looking forward to our next hit!

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