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"What style? Anything my darlings"

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Musicians: Nat Keen (guitar) Alice Zawadzki (vocals & violin)

On Friday we were joined by photographer Hannah Lovell, her candid snaps perfectly captured the day.

Alice and Nat played for resident A, a lovely woman from Barcelona who we hadn't met before. A's room is full of photos of her family and glamorous portraits of her younger self.

"We asked if there was a style of music she liked, to which she replied with a huge grin 'anything my darlings!'

- Nat, musician

We played Alice's song 'Es verdad', thinking she might like to hear something in Spanish. The song has a folky, rhythmic feel and before long she was sat up in her bed clapping along, perfectly in time. Then we played Come Together" - everyone likes the Beatles! A seemed fully engaged and energised by the performance and afterwards we chatted about her lovely family for a while..."

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