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Where shall we go?

Updated: Oct 16

Musician: Nat Keen (guitar, vocals)

A large part of my day's music occurred in the South-facing top floor lounge which is actually a fairly peaceful spot with ample light flooding in and enviable views over the canal. I'd swung up this way with the idea of visiting Mr JC, somebody who I consider to be a bonafide Bridgeside Lodge musical legend, I'm sure many of you are aware of his presence by now! In recent times I'd been feeling as though I'd not visited him enough, although despite this, I'd heard from members of staff that he had started carrying his guitar around with him and was facilitating his own musical performances with other residents. Despite JC going solo these days, I was still confident that he'd still enjoy some bluesy jamming with a fellow guitar companion.

After knocking at his door and scouring the dining room with no success, I made it to the aforementioned lounge. A picture of tranquillity, far away from the door beeps and industrial-sized ovens fans. We were next door to long time music/conversation lover Mr DW, so I popped in to see if he'd care to join us. With our squad assembled, we began to make music together and this music was very unique, a true reflection of the unique individuals that were sharing the space.

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