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The whole country and indeed the whole world is adapting to different ways of working and The Spitz is no exception.



Despite the emergency measures and social

distancing recommendations, The Spitz

is doing everything we can do keep

bringing Live Music For Wellbeing 

to those who need it 

Bridgeside Lodge Care Home, where we do the majority of our work, closed their doors to non-essential visitors from Thursday 19th March, which meant that our planned group music session on Friday 20th had to be rethought. Not to be deterred, Spitz musicians Laurence and Marcus set up a PA system in the garden of Bridgeside Lodge, wandered the canal path and sang at the windows of residents, while other residents danced on the balconies. 

Pianist Arthur Lea has written and recorded

a song for the staff of Bridgeside Lodge expressing our gratitude to them and all other frontline healthcare workers

Over the years, we have got to know residents’ music tastes and favourite bands so Arthur has also recorded a number of songs dedicated to various residents, from his home studio in South London. We sent these on to the staff who have been sharing them in their WhatsApp group and showing the videos to residents. You can watch and listen to these recordings on our YouTube channel here. 

we're doing our very best to continue our work in new and innovative ways while we can't visit in person. Our work is perhaps even more vital at the moment, while those living in care can't receive visitors. We are also mindful of looking after the musicians we work with, all of whom are self-employed and have been some of the hardest hit by the lockdown.


Any donations are very gratefully received

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